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The Commercial Centre of the North

The Commercial Centre of the North


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Does the Oshakati Town Council offer bursaries, loans for businesses or SME funding?

Unfortunately it is not in the council's mandate to offer funding for bursaries, start-up capital for businesses and SME funding

I want to conduct my research project in Oshakati what are the procedure to be followed?

Consult the Corporate communications Officer to give more information on acquiring a permission letter from council to conduct a research in Oshakati.

How do I take part in the Oshakati Totem Expo?

Once adverts for Totem expo are out in the media, interested companies, SME etc. are welcome to complete the application forms obtained from Town Council, submit it along with the necessary requirements.

What are the requirements needed when applying for waters accounts?

An application is obtained from Town Council, ensure to fill out all the necessary information and attach a certified copy of ID. Once an application is handed in, a quotation is then obtained from the technical services department (engineering), payments should be made before water account is opened.

What are basic services and why should we pay for it?

Basic services include: refuse removal fee, plot rental fee & fire brigade (emergency services) fee. Residents especially those in informal settlement should ensure that these payments are settled on a monthly basis to avoid accumulation of debts. Those with existing water accounts, the basic services fee is added onto the water bill every month.

How do I reconnect the water account if it was cut off?

Contact the finance department (065-229531) to make the payments, alternatively, arrange to have an agreement with Town Council on a settlement of outstanding funds. NB!! Reconnection fee is N$332.85.