Oshakati Town Council

The Commercial Centre of the North

The Commercial Centre of the North

The Commercial Centre of the North

Water Supply


Water Supply

The supply of clean portable water is done by Namwater on a bulk system. The Council distributes this commodity through municipal water pipelines to the public. All locations (informal and formal) have access to clean water

  • Reconnection only once the arrear amount is settled or an payment agreement is reached

  • After 2 months without settling an account or making payment arrangements, the account will be handed over to debt collectors

Illegal Water Connections
  • Reconnection of water supply by owner or his agents that has been disconnected by the council

  • Connecting of water supplying pipes behind the water meter

  • Connecting water supply from the neighbour's line

  • Any person involved in such activities shall be guilty of an offense and if convicted will be liable to a fine not exceeding N$2 000 or to imprisonment for a period not exceeding six months or to both such fine and such imprisonment.
Pay Account On Time

Payment of water account is due on 7th each month

Then your account accrues interest thereafter

Water Suspension

Accounts in arrears over a month with be disconnected

Disconnection will be done during normal working hours