Oshakati Town Council

The Commercial Centre of the North

The Commercial Centre of the North

The Commercial Centre of the North

About Us

Oshakati Town Council in a Nutshell

The town was established in 1966 and it was used as a military base of operations by then, the South African Defense Force (SADF), during Namibian war for independence.

  • Mandate

    Oshakati Town Council is being guided by the Mandate of Local Authority as provided in Section 30 of the Local Authorities Act (Act 23 of 1992) as amended subject to part VI up to part XII of 2000, which includes; supply of water, electricity, sewerage system, storm water drainage, cemeteries, streets and public places, housing schemes, immovable property of Local Authority Council, valuation of retainable property within local authority area and rates of rate able property.

  • Mission

    Oshakati Town exists to offer quality and affordable services to the residents through integrity and honesty by ensuring that the town is habitable, prosperous and industrialized in a sustainable manner.

  • Vision

    Be the commercial and residential capital of the north, driven by quality service rendering and best customer service.

  • Get to know Oshakati

    character & Soul of the town
  • What has been developed so far

    town is on the up!
  • Infrastruture

    arguably the best in the country




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