Water Supply


Please pay your water account! 

  • Payment of water accounts are done before or on the 7th of every month.
  • The interest will be added if the account is not settled thereafter

Suspension of water

  • Any client whose account is in arrears with at least one month, the water supply will be terminated without further warning other than the ordinary reminder on bills received already.
  • Termination of water supply only done during working hours (period from 08h00 to 17h00.
  • Once a client's name appear in the disconnection list, the water supply will be disconnected

Reconnections of water supply

  • Water supply will only be reconnected once the client settled the amount in arrear or as per the agreement to be in place between the two parties i.e. Council and the owner of the account.
  • Any client whose water supply has been disconnected and fail to pay within two months or fail to make necessary arrangement with the office, his account will be handed over to the debt collections.

Illegal connection of water supply:

  • Reconnection of water supply by owner or his agents that has been disconnected by the Town Council
  • Connecting of water supplying pipes behind the water meter
  • Connecting water supply from the neighbour's line

Offense regarding illegal connections of water supply

Any person who connects water supply illegally shall be guilty of an offense and on conviction liable to a fine not exceeding N$2 000 or to imprisonment for a period not exceeding six months or to both such fine and such imprisonment.

Avoid water consumption estimates

Estimating water readings is a practice that is employed in order to get an approximate total water consumption of a household per month. However, it is not encouraged because it only happens in very unusual cases when water readings are not obtained due to the properties either being locked or having vicious dogs and cannot be accessed by officials or meter readers.

Oshakati Town Council is appealing to all residents of Oshakati who have their properties always locked to make arrangements prior to vacations, on how actual readings can be obtained from the water meter.

It is always difficult for Meter Readers to access water meters and obtains actual meter readings on properties which are locked or having vicious dogs.

As valuable clients, you are encouraged to forward the readings to the office or else call the office number 065-229500.

Water Charges


Charge per kilolitre 



 1 0-25 kilolitres(2013/2014: 0-25kl)  10.37  11.20
 2 25.1-40 kilolitres(2013/2014: 25.1-40kl)  11.95  12.55
 3 40.1-80 kilolitres(2013/2014: 40.1-80kl)  16.06  16.86
4 80.1 kilolitres and above (2013/2014:80.1 and above      20.00  21.00
5 Bulk meter per cubic m3  40.40  40.40
6 Basic charges: residential  34.65  36.38
7 Basic charges: Others  115.50  121.28