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Keep Oshakati Clean!!!!!

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Let us all practice the following in Oshakati

  • To be responsible and keep the town clean at all times
  • To avoid littering by using refuse bins allocated at public place by the Council
  • To maintain hygiene at our houses by using refuse bins and clean our houses
  • Avoid public indecency (e.g. Urinating in public) Tips to reduce litter in town waste
  • Reduce, reuse and recycle as much as you can.
  • Use returnable, reusable or refillable drink containers.
  • Use a litter bag in your vehicle.
  • Always put your trash in a proper container. If one is not available, hold on to your garbage until you find one.
  • Put your garbage out for collection as close to pickup time as possible (get schedules from waste pickers around town).
  • Support community cleanups, recycling programs, legislation and other efforts to reduce litter.
  • Successful litter control must be a continuous, ongoing effort, which involves the entire community - from youth to seniors, business, community groups and the media. Organize a committee to develop a plan of action.
  • Set a good example. Don't litter and begin to take pride in keeping your environment clean community
  • Informing others about the detriments of littering.
  • Team up to clean the town voluntarily
  • Advice your town on cleaning aspect and report any accumulation of uncollected waste

The benefit of the clean town

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  • The clean town gives peace of mind to residents, visitors.
  • The town looks attractive for investors and thus boost town Economy
  • Reduces communicable and non-communicable diseases

Using of Bins

  • All residents living in Oshakati, with or without municipal water bill account are being requested to have dust bins.
  • Refuse bins are available at the Council's Civic Centre at a nonprofit cost.

The costs of refuse bins are as follows:

  • Wheel bins 240 litres N$ 480.00
  • Bins without wheels 90 litres N$ 220.00
  • Skipper containers are only provided for businesses and public places (you can apply for one as well).
  • You have options to buy cash or pay through your municipal bill account for a period not exceeding six (6) months.

Illegal dumping is an offence

  • Dumping at the roadside, on storm water channel or at any area not designed to be a dumping site is termed as illegal dumping and its an offence.
  • This offence get you penalized to pay a fine of N$ 150.00 for the first time, and if caught for the seconded time you will be fined N$ 300. 00.
  • If the same is repeated over and over, the Council will have no other choice but, to file a case against the offender to appeal before the court of law.
  • This comes with a term of imprisonment not exceeding six (6) months and the fine of N$ 2000.00 or both, should the court find you guilty of an offence

Maintenance of general cleanliness of the town

  • Lets us respect ourselves by keeping our environment clean
  • Poultry (domestic fowls, ducks etc.) must be kept in cages
  • Cattle, sheep and goats are not allowed in town if found roaming in the street, shall be impounded
  • Dogs must be chained and must be confined within the house boundary
  • No one is allowed to keep pigs in the town

Waste Removal & Collection calendar (period 1st July 2016-30th June 2017)
Oshakati East South (Green Zone) Work Programme

Monday  Tuesday  Wednesday  Thursday  Friday
Bank of Namibia East of NBC Tower  Whole NHE                 Governor and Houses around the area     Institution Places only

Oshakati Town Council to Erundu S.S.School   
and intermediate houses

Okave Club and intermediate environment     Military Base       NBC and intermediate houses  
Sos dub and souuounding houses Road Authority and intermediate  NDF Club  State House and intermediate house  
NDC and NBC tower Susan Bahai intermediate house    Guess House  
  Golf Club and intermediate houses      


Refuse Removal Charges

 1     Residential: Basic charge per month          42.00   44.10
 2 Residential: Charge per bin   42.00   44.10
 3 Business : Basic charge per month  126.00        132.30
 4 Business : Charge per bin   42.00   44.10


Contact numbers of waste removal contractors