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During the upcoming festive season the Oshakati Town Council would like to kindly inform all its residents to keep our town clean. Avoid illegal damping of refuse and make use of designated dumping sites. All businesses, flat owners, households, schools should have refuse bins. Purchase your refuse bins at Oshakati Town Council. Remember, littering says a lot about you and our lovely town, let’s keep Oshakati clean.

Relocation of Spar Oshakati taxi rank

The Spar Oshakati taxi rank for long distance taxis (Outapi, Oshikuku, Ruacana, Okalongo & Opuwo) is relocated to the new designated taxi rank which is the open area opposite Ministry of Finance. (Open space between the Oshakati green park and Shali garage). Customers and taxi drivers should now be making use of the new taxi rank.

No cutting down of trees

The Oshakati Town Council would like to inform its residents especially those is the areas of Ekuku, Ehenye and surrounding informal settlements to avoid cutting down of trees without Town Council’s consent, Remember cutting down of tree have negative impact on our environment and negatively contributes to global warming therefore these acts should be avoided at all times.

MR120 Road Construction

 The Oshakati Town Council would like to inform its residents that the MR120 Okatana road which passes through from the old Oshakati open market, passed Game complex all the way to the Okatana Epyenene circle will soon be under construction. Residents are therefore urged to adhere to the temporary erected road signs during this phase of construction. Alternative routes to be used will be communicated once the construction of the road commence.

Mosquito Control Programme in Oshakati 

The Oshakati Town Council would like to inform its residents that there will be a mosquito spraying program that commenced from Monday, 24 October and will run untill 31st December 2016. The spraying program started with the following areas: Uupindi South and North, Eemwandi, Sky, Oshoopala, Okandjengedi and Evululuko, before it continues to the formal settlement of Oshakati.The aim of the programme is to reduce mosquito population that spread malaria. Residents of Oshakati are urged to co-operate and assist the officials who will be spraying the houses during this period.

Thank you for your cooperation.