Message From the Mayor


His Worship Angelus N. Iiyambo

Mayor of Oshakati Town

I am very humbled to present the Council’s 2015 – 2020 Strategic Plan to the inhabitants of our town and to prospective investors of this beautiful town, Oshakati. This document did not only come into being for formality sake, but it goes a long way to catalyze the Council’s development in Oshakati. In order to ensure that government policies and strategies are implemented at local authority level, Council translated crucial areas such as socio-economic development into strategic themes of this document. Each of these themes has been explained explicitly which is a demonstration of the articulation of the Council’s plan for our town.

Vision 2030 is attainable through National Development Plans (NDPs) hence the Council ensured that these very important medium - term government strategies were considered during the crafting of the mission and the vision. Along with relevant stakeholders, national development plans were consulted in crafting this document. Indeed, the Council’s focus is directed towards industrialization, commercialization and the provision of services, thereby distributing basic amenities equitably to all the residents. I am confident that this document will be implemented fully since it is a product of collective efforts of various stakeholders. Consultations with business fraternity and the entire community assisted the Council to identify key strategic issues which in the end framed strategic objectives. As such, the public has full share of ownership of this strategic plan which empower the citizens to see to it that the Council remains in line at all times.

This document is expected to guide the Council in allocating resources through the budgeting process in addressing pressing issues affecting the Oshakati town. Obviously, we can only ensure competencies and competitiveness when we have instruments in place. Therefore, the Council will put a Performance Management System in place.

This system will enable the Council to effect a paradigm shift by encouraging the administrative team to be innovative and effective. I have no doubt that by implementing this strategic document fully; Oshakati will have taken a giant step toward industrialization and development.