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Our Mission, Vision and Mandate

Mission: Exist to render quality and affordable services to the residents through integrity by ensuring that the Town is habitable, prosperous and industrialised in a sustainable manner.

Vision : To be industrialized,commercialized, residential and modern capital of the North.

Mandate: Oshakati Town Council is being guided by the Mandate of Local Authority as provided in Section 30 of the Local Authority Act, (Act 23 of 1992) as amended subject to part VI up to part XII of 2000, which includes; provision of portable water, sewerage systems and drainage, cemeteries, streets and public places, housing schemes, immovable properties of Local Authority Council, valuation of ratable and non-ratable properties within the local authority area.

Background of Oshakati

Oshakati is the regional capital of Oshana Region and it is well known as the “Commercial Centre of the north”. The town is situated 713 km north-west of Windhoek, the Capital City of Namibia on the B1 national road and almost 45 km South of Angola borders and 175 km North- West to the most prominent Ruacana Waterfall . The town is approximately 120 Km west of Etosha National park.

In 1992 Oshakati was proclaimed as a town and became autonomous in 1995. The proclamation of Oshakati as a town was done under the provision of article 111 of the Namibia Constitution and also in accordance with the Local Authorities Act (Act 23 of 1992) as amended.

Since Oshakati is strategically located at the Centre where people from various regions such as; Omusati, Ohangwena, Oshikoto, Kunene and even Angola meet to conduct various businesses, the name “Oshakati” came into being as suitable to better describe the town. The town is also known as “The Commercial Centre of the North”.

Besides other general factors of urbanization, the town of Oshakati is the buying power as it attracted many businesses and people.

According to the National Population and Housing Census of 2011, the town’s population is estimate at 35 600 residents. However, on top of that figure, many people are served by the town from the surrounding towns and villages.

In terms of national and regional trade routes, Oshakati is connected to all economically active destinations by a national B1 road. The B1 road connected Oshakati to SADC countries. Based on this fact, Oshakati is one of Namibian towns which are contributing immensely to the economic growth of the country.